NGO Retreat (Mumbai): Leadership to Laddership

Founders and senior leaders from 45 NGOs gathered at a special retreat in Parel East, Mumbai last fall. These change-makers came together to explore the transformative shifts of moving from leadership to laddership. Diving deep into ServiceSpace values, they considered such ideas as:

  • Broad Margin Goals Vs Narrow Margin Goals – How can we move from short-term thinking to long-term thinking and from the ‘Me’ to ‘We’.

  • Value Of Context Vs Value Of Content – Asking ourselves not “what” we are doing but “how” we are doing it.

  • Designing For Social Permaculture – Moving from ‘transaction’ to ‘building connections and community’.

  • From Leadership To Laddership – How do we support and nurture an entire team to grow through Inner Transformation.

  • Deepcasting in a Broadcast World – How diving deeper and amplifying the good is more effective.

You can read more about this special retreat here -- or watch some inspiring video clips here.