A Book for an Act of Kindness

Professor Michael Gordon is offering his book, Doing Good with Money, for free -- or rather, for non-financial expressions of wealth. Interested readers can sign-up to receive a free e-copy of Michael's book by sharing an act of kindness they've offered in the world.

People spanning four continents have shared their uplifting and heart-warming acts of kindness. The act of sharing them is, in itself, able to create ripples around our world. "The way I feel reading those reflections is what now makes me hopeful about 'changing the world'", said Michael. "There’s something inside these acts — large or small — that feels like an ingredient we need to create change that matters: A willingness to act with kindness; to benefit others; to see — what’s the opposite of futility? — that change starts within us. What if: We began to realize that there is lots of energy in these isolated acts? And that we might find others with similar inspiration? And work together from a sense of connection and meaning?"

Read many of the kind acts, and share your own, here.