Grace In The Classroom

I want to demonstrate to my students that their worthiness does NOT depend on the grades they earn in my class.  Of course, I want to give my C students the same attention that my A students get.  But if I am really honest with myself, I have to admit I like talking to A students, because they “get it”... they already speak the same language. But what credit is it to me as a teacher, if I only affirm the students who already “get it”?   It’s easy to affirm the student who asks great questions in class, but I must be thoughtful about how can I affirm the questions from a struggling student.  Or the one who comes from a different cultural background.  Or the one whose educational system didn’t provide them with the tools they need.  How can I affirm these students? I like to tell them the struggle ... [Read more of this Awakin Reading...]

Seed questions for reflection: How do you relate to the notion that grace is what makes hard conversations possible and productive between people? Can you share a personal story of a time you were able to affirm the dignity of someone who wasn't succeeding in their endeavor? What helps you honor the dignity of those who aren't doing well?