Sister Marilyn: To Come and See

At age 18 and new to the convent, Sister Marilyn Lacey turned down an invitation -- an opportunity to connect -- explaining she didn’t think human relations was her field.

Later on, she got an invitation she couldn’t refuse to “come and see” the suffering in South Sudan. She accepted, and that experience and invitation led to many more invitations to invite people into her life, “into that connectedness that I now know is so incredibly central.”

In a short video, she gives examples of interactions that were not transactional but relational, especially an unforgettably moving one about the generosity of someone begging for alms. Sister Marilyn focuses on invitations as opposed to information such that when someone asks her where she lives, she says, “Come and see.” She realizes now that human relations might just be her field after all. [Watch (or read) more here...]