'Sacred Vs. Survival Language'

Avidya is the defining of a self which is not the self; with happiness in what is actually suffering; with purity in what is really impurity; and permanence in what is really impermanent. Avidya perfectly describes the nature of a survival language. A survival language is steeped in avidya. As long as who I am, is defined by such a language, I remain the victim of an endless vicious circle. The question is — why would we choose a language which keeps us in perpetual self-judgment. The fact is that we never chose the language. It has always been around, and as children, we were given no other options. As long as we do not consciously redesign the way we use language, we remain at the effect of the past, conditioned by the very language of the past to repeat the patterns of the past, again and again. The single most outstanding difference ... [Read more]

Seed questions for reflection: How do you relate to the notion of the difference between survival and sacred language? Can you share a personal experience of a time you consciously redesigned how you used language? What helps you become aware of the kind of language you are using?