Evening of Inspiration, with Carrie Newcomer

Last month, in our 21-day New Story Pod, many referenced Carrie Newcomer's songs as their inspiration for reaching a new plateau of consciousness. One of our volunteers reached out to her and wondered if she might surprise everyone by joining the closing call of the Pod and offer a song. Not only did Carrie join, but she herself was deeply moved by a collective sense of kinship. The way emergence works, we wondered if one day we might explore a "Mystical Music Pod" with her. That day arrived last weekend, with 400 other podmates, just two weeks after that conversation.

As a part of the Mystical Music Pod, we are delighted to invite friends and family to an "evening of inspiration" with songs by Carrie -- peppered with a few bonus expression of creativity by other podmates. 

For those who might not be familiar with Carrie Newcomer, here's a sampling of her songs: Sanctuary, Room at the Table, Lean in Towards the Light. She is a singer, songwriter, poet, performer, and author who has been described by Rolling Stone as someone who "asks all the right questions." Apart from her 19 solo CD's as well as Grammy and Emmy awards, she is a committed Quaker.  Her lyrics are routinely pointing us to the beyond: "Time to know what I seek has already been found; time to listen to what never makes a sound; time to take more time to cover less ground."

To join us, simply RSVP below and you'll be emailed all the details.