Closing Celebration, with Family and Friends!

For the last 11 days, people from dozens of countries around the globe convened to deep-dive into our practice of kindness!  Collectively spanning thousands of reflective posts and interactions, we embraced different practices -- and each other's hearts -- to discover an underlying river of compassion flowing underneath it all. We expanded, we stretched, we discovered. And for so many of us, we transformed.

This Sunday (at our usual time), we are coming together one last time to share inspiration, songs and gratitude for shared values. Last several calls were brimming with sacred joy, and we'd love to have you join this closing call, broaden our circle of love, and help spread the ripples of goodwill into all directions. We are particularly delighted to hear music from special guest, Carrie Newcomer, and a spirited story from storyteller Brian Conroy!

Carrie Newcomer is a singer, songwriter, poet, performer, and author who has been described by Rolling Stone as someone who "asks all the right questions". Apart from her 19 solo CDs, as well as Grammy and Emmy awards, she is a committed Quaker.  Her lyrics are routinely pointing us to the beyond: "Time to know what I seek has already been found; time to listen to what never makes a sound; time to take more time to cover less ground." Here's a sampling of her songs: Sanctuary, Room at the Table, Lean in Towards the Light

Brian Conroy is an author and longtime educator, who has taught theater and public speaking for 40 years, and performed in many festivals and conferences. A recent offering of his has been an audio compilation of 26 stories! Bringing together his ardour for storytelling, Brian exemplifies the message he could share with the world: Live your values.

To join us,
simply RSVP below and you'll be emailed all the details.

Plus, friends are welcome!
With such inspirations amongst us, as well as the collective field of acts of kindness that have been brimming over -- friends and family are warmly invited to join this "graduation" ceremony call to celebrate with us! Simply have them RSVP here for the details.