Laddership Pod Orientation

Our Laddership Pod is starting Sunday, February 11th! We are honored to embark on this collective journey together.

To kick things off, we will start with a 90-minute orientation meeting. On the call, we'll share some background context, get to know each other in small breakouts, and cover the arc of our 3-week journey together!

We're also honored to be joined by a special guest speaker, Chaz Howard! A man of boundless presence, in 2008, Chaz became the youngest chaplain in history at an Ivy League university (the University of Pennsylvania -- his alma mater). Along the way, he authored many books, and serves as an Episcopal priest, theologian, as well as UPenn's Vice President for Social Equity and Community. Yet what makes his journey even more unique is his depth of presence and boundless empathy. Losing both his parents as a young child, he faced remarkable challenges in his early life while consistently circling back on the power of love. His palpable life journey has consistently brought him to see himself in the other. Whether in genuinely listening to the life stories of the homeless, holding space that bridges divides on his college campus, to coaching basketball as the father of three children -- anyone who encounters Chaz finds themselves struck by an uncommon blessing.

In the meantime, it's been remarkable to see the spirit with which people are preparing to convene. Check out some of the many of the shining intentions from podmates across couple hundred applications and 40+ countries! Amongst our collective, there's a young qigong teacher who works in the frontlines of conflict; a changemaker who walked 1700 miles across South Africa, an Irish mystic who spent 4 years in deep meditation without experiencing a single thought; an open-hearted poet from New Zealand; a philanthropist who's living into the insight that "I am nothing"; business leaders and nonprofit founders; community builders and creatives; mystics and medics; educators and entrepreneurs; and so many others. With that and more, we can't wait to see what emergence holds in store!

Word on the street is that a fun surprise is in the works, too!

To attend, simply click the RSVP button below and you'll be emailed all the logistics for the call.