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Deepcasting, in a Broadcast World

Jan 2021

Anticipating zoom fatigue, we orchestrated new ways to cultivate deeper ties.

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Ace up our Sleeves: Context over Content

December 2020

Blossoming of an innovative platform at the intersection of silicon tech, carbon intuition, and eternal wisdom

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Emerging Dawn

October 2020

Loads of new pods and dialogues.

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150 Changemakers, 1 Laddership Pod!

September 2020

Coming together for the alchemy of uncertainty.

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Conversation with Systems Thinkers

June 2020

Exploring Rumi's field beyond 'right-doing and wrong-doing', via weekly+ Awakin Calls.

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War Story or Love Story?

May 2020

In times of emergency, how do we stay connected to emergence?

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Uncertainty as a Bridge to Compassion

March 2020

Everything is changing radically. How do we respond with compassion? KarunaVirus!

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