In India, leaders from various walks of life (and countries like Vietnam and Dubai!) came together for a 4-day "Laddership" retreat. Saee echoed what many felt, "The whole experience has moved me beyond words. I could actually experience 'Law of Love' working for the last whole week after returning home. I saw people around me differently, as a whole, and not just through the lens of my expectations. My response to everyone around me was changed, with family, on emails, on messages. I was feeling connected with some warmth in my heart continuously. I was engaging with day to day challenges but not worried about it, and that allowed me to a ladder for all kinds of unexpected possibilities."

On the last day of the retreat was this video: Lead Like Great Conductors

It had everyone in splits! Laddership in action. :)

To join a virtual version of this retreat, check out February Laddership Pod